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The Red Guy

When I was in High school there was a freebie newpaper called the 21st Century that was distributed throughout New England. It had a pen pal section and that's how I "met" the Red Guy.
The Red Guy- who always wrote in Red, was quite an interesting character. I brought his letters to school with me and let my political science classmates read them.
Once, the red guy sent me three jelly beans. The first letter began "She's recieved far too many responses. I'm helping her out." Since I had originally written a letter to a girl's ad, it seemed that intro made perfect sense. However, at the time, It was totally lost on me and seemed to be some cryptic code. The Red Guy always signed his letters "Devon". He once told me he loved me. I came across another pen pal who made vague references to the Red Guy, who, by this time, had revealed his name as "Scott".
This other pen pal had no ide I knew about whom she was making her melodramatic obviously "obscure" references.
I asked Scott. He told me about meeting this girl. How he had thought they were a perfect match until they met, and then he never wanted to see her again. A bit of after disgust in Pen Pal style. That's when he told me he loved me and that he hoped we wouldn't meet.
Later, he gave me his phone # in case I'd ever need to contact him.

I never called.

He did, however, call me.
Years later.
We hadn't written in years.
I was living with someone and my mother gave Scott my phone #. He left two vague messages on my machine, and that's the last I ever heard of him.
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