Dickieandbabe (luluwhite) wrote,

Still Not Getting It

An alt.gothic they are "discussing" if we can use that term, the benefits of Livejournal. Those that don't get it claim those that do, are in effect, talking to themselves. Those that do get it explain that they are far too busy to update all their friends on their busy lives.
Is this what we've come to, humanity?
"Haven't you ever had people whom you don't care (much) about, but who care about you? Have you ever felt any measure of responsibility for such people, or even just wanted to supply them with enough
information to get them off your back?" (quoted from alt.gothic)

Is this your excuse?
Livejournal is a forum for people to talk incessently about themselves and makes their ego's bloom. Pretty!
Of course wa can't say we want to talk about ourselves so we make an apparently politically correct statement that we are doing it because we're too busy and too nice to tell all the losers that we don't want to talk to- off! Yes, Biff, that makes a ton of sense.
Please, humanity, do everyone a favor and get your head out of your ass. Everyone lies, and since everyone doesn't want to get caught lying, we all nod and wink and nudge nudge and share the deception. We're too busy. I'm too busy! You're too busy! Sure. That's it.
Bite me.
You like to listen to yourself talk. You're shallow. Look. It's not the end of the world. What I want to know is, why do you think it's better to be a fucking asshole who really hates all your friends than shallow??

So ,alas, I'm back where I started. I don;t "Get" livejournal. I DO like listening to myself talk, however.
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