Dickieandbabe (luluwhite) wrote,

Barre, Vermont

The Red Guy lived in Barre, Vermont.

A year and a half ago, Barre again appeared into my consciousness. The Zantop murder had occured in Hanover, New Hampshire. Half and Suzanne Zantop, two Dartmouth college professors, were murdered in their home. The story didn't grab my attention until about six weeks later, when the local news reported on a manhunt for two teenage boys whose car was found at the Sturbridge Rest Stop on the Mass Pike.
Two boys.
And a senseless crime.
A Thrill killing.
I was instantly obsessed.
James Parker and Robert Tulloch murdered the two Dartmouth professors in a half baked scheme to acquire $10,000. But, it was mostly a thrill kill, a test to conquer their fear.
Parker and Tulloch lived in Chelsea, Vermont.
Chelsea is a few miles from Barre.
It is a tiny town with one school. One school. K-12. James Parker, at one point, attempted to escape the Chelsea public school by transferring to the High School....in Barre, Vermont.
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