Dickieandbabe (luluwhite) wrote,

Daniel Deronda

PBS's MAsterpiece Theater is running a production of Daniel Deronda by George Eliot. There is a rich guy- not the nicest guy- named Henleigh Grandcourt. He lives in a grand house. He is always trailed by his weird little friend, Mr Lush. Nobody likes Mr Luch and can't figure out why Grandcourt- popular and handsome, is friends with- lives with him. They say it's because Lush does what Grandcourt wants. Now Grandcourt sets his eyes on a local strong willed girl. He eventually gets her to consent to marry him. Lush tries to interfere but is unsucessful. She doesn't like Lush and tells grandcourt to send him away. Grandcourt tells Lush he will have to leave. But it's only temporary, he says, soon enough Lush can creep back. Alas, any comparison to L and L seems silly to a novel written in the 1870's.

Part two airs tonight.
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