Dickieandbabe (luluwhite) wrote,

A Certain Ring to It...

Mohammed and Malvo has a strange ring to it. When these two aren't being called Al queda members, their "strange" relationship comes up. Strange relationship, of course, means homosexual relationship. I have, however, only found two references that draw specific links between Leopold and Loeb and Mohammed and Malvo- one being on a Saturday Night Live newsgroup- referring to them as the "ambiguosly Gay Sniper Duo", another referring to crimes commited by duos.
As far as the similarities- I don't think they are yet very strong, certainly not as strong as Tulloch and Parker.
Anyhow, they are...
ransom. Ten Million dollars. L and L's ransom was $10,000
More striking- the random victim. This is what has made this a sensational crime- regular people, going about their activities. This is what made the L and L case *so* spectacular, among other things.
Two people.
Apparently toying with the police.

Mohammed and Malvo are vegetarians. This has been described as Mohammed keeping Malvo on a strict diet of crackers and honey- but here's a little fact. Malvowas attending a Seventh Day Adventist school BEFORE he med Mohammed- 7th Day Adventists are vegetarians.
What could be worse than a possibly homosexual Vegetarian Muslim?

Meanwhile, the authorities are fighting over who gets to kill them first, calling it Justice.
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